How To Not Get Scammed When Buying Mining Hardware from Ebay

Have you received it yet?

I have noticed bots up selling the price on Ebay - anyone else seen this?

Do you mean like bots putting in bids and stuff way over the value of it?

Curious about how a scammers eBay looks? Here is an example: Bobcat Miner 300 HNT -$599-December-Hotspot Miner-READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE BUYING | eBay

I reported a seller on Ebay who was selling an Antminer Z15 for $4,999. When you read the small print, shipping on this Z15 was $9,999.99. It looks like Ebay contacted the seller regarding misleading advertising and look what the seller has done, now he’s selling the Z15 selling for $35,999.00 with $99 shipping: Antminer Z15 with official power Z15 420ksol/sZ15 | eBay

So definitely stay away from this seller on Ebay. Now in the small print, he tells you this is not the actual price and to contact him for pricing. This is a scam for sure!!!