How To Not Get Scammed When Buying Mining Hardware from Ebay

As Most people know from experience or just from other people. There have been an alarming number of scams when buying Cryptocurrency Hardware on eBay. The posting and descriptions and seller profile look real with lots of good reviews. The biggest cause of this is how easy it is for eBay accounts to be hacked. It’s important before buying hardware from eBay that you understand what the latest scam methods are. When looking at a listing, look at the seller and the Items the seller is selling. Most accounts selling other miscellaneous things that have no correlation within the crypto space are in fact scams. Another thing to look at is the reviews and the items that are reviewed going
back to the last point is that if the reviews aren’t on things that are crypto related then it’s most likely a scam. If they have reviews for items that are related to crypto from a while back and there is a positive review it is probably real. Another thing to look out for is that the person running the scam has a way of creating fake tracking numbers that work on the shipping companies website and it will eventually show as delivered to your house but no package will ever be received. I don’t know how they’re doing this, they might be paying someone that has hacked into these shipping carriers websites to create these tracking numbers. The problem is that when no package ever arrives then eBay wont give your money back because it says it was delivered. Also my friend bought a rx580 8gb on eBay and the same thing happened. He ordered something he was tracking its status and when It said it was delivered but there was no package. Then when he went to eBay to try to get his money back he was denied because it said that the package was delivered to his house. Right after that they banned his eBay account. Also keep in mind his account is over 3 years old and has bought multiple items on eBay previously and has never had any strikes on his account. He then had to go to PayPal to ask for his money; they couldn’t do anything because he had no proof that it wasn’t delivered. He then went to UPS and opened a dispute then after some investigating they came to the conclusion that the tracking number was fake and that there wasn’t even a truck out to deliver to my neighborhood that day. Then he contacted PayPal with the evidence from UPS and got his money back after over a month. End of story please be aware and don’t get scammed. Hope this helps some people when buying hardware from eBay.

Final Points to keep in mind

-Make sure that the seller is selling other crypto related items or has in the past
-Has good reviews on the crypto items that were sold previously
-Doesn’t have a huge supply of miner being sold
-Seller doesn’t sell a bunch or random stuff

:Other notes:
(The Joker, Steverino, Phayu94 and KillthePlanet are the best :smile:)(And Tails ofc)
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UPS and USPS are aware of these scams. You need to go to them to have them send you a letter via email that the delivery address was not your address. Only the zip code matches. Then to PayPal. Took a while, but I got my money back too. Ebay doesn’t give a shit.


Eye opening great write up thank you

yes great write up

Thanks man that really means alot

What do you guys think of this sale? i’m cautious because he has no other listings. Goldshell Miner Collection Lbry with Psu, HS-Box, KD-Box, CKB Box, Mini Dodg Box | eBay

I would say its real cause its a bid also the ebay account was made back in June so they haven’t made it recently also the description seems legit. Hope that helps

Fingers crossed I’m going to send the payment and hope for the best :crossed_fingers:t3: Thanks for the input

I was watching that auction too. The KD-Box is very profitable right now. Doge is improving. Ck as well. The rest - maybe resell if not profitable. KD’s are going for almost $2k and Doge’s for $1k. It was a good deal that should break even in less than a year - especially if you liquidate the ones you don’t want.

Thanks for pointing this out, wasn’t even aware one could be scammed on Ebay of all places.

is there an official Vosk Ebay account or Ebay verified account we can buy from?

There is an Official Vosk Ebay Account and when he posts stuff on his ebay account he normally says in the video with the link.

In my oppinion another way to avoid ebay scammers is to ask if they agree for pic up at their place and to pay in cash. Of course that makes sence only if the seller is not to far away from your place.

I just had this happen with my Helium miner, I really didn’t need this.

I sent a friend request on discord maybe someone can look into this I think I am victim to another scam like this Its been over a month and I haven’t received my 3090 gpu.

Purchase details

EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra Gaming, 24GB GDDR6X, iCX3 Technology, ARGB LED, Metal Backplate, 24G-P5-3987-KR

Shipping via LV241247106CN Is this another one of these generated shipping numbers? I still haven’t received it yet I am on Vancouver Island Voskcoin. As well did you get the CIA I sent you?

I did not receive a friend request from you maybe try again

Ebay does not care in the slightest. They are a part of the scam because they know it’s going on.

The only way to get your money back is for Shipping Carrier to do and investigation and say that it was a fake tracking number then go to PayPal and they will give you your money back.

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Since I spent over $750 Ebay requires a signature, since I didn’t sign anything I won the case. In other news I ordered a Bobcat directly from the company. I feel a lot better.

That’s good that you got your money back

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