How to set system fan speed to 100%

So after all the help, I have my 4x 1660 Super mining rig up and running. However, I was going through the BIOs settings and I could not find anywhere to set the system fan speeds. Ideally, I want these to just run at 100% to keep the rig as cool as possible. The only option I see is for CPU fan speed.

Is anyone familiar with the Biostar BIOs that can walk me through getting this set up?

I’m not sure if that BIOS supports system fan control. The easiest way to do it connect them directly to the power supply and they will run full speed. I use one of these on my rigs so I don’t have 7 fans worth of adapters cluttering things up.

A software option you could try is Speedfan if you are running Windows. I have never tried it since I hook them up directly to the PSU.

I tried following a couple of tutorials on Speedfan, but I don’t have the options they list. I didn’t think about connecting to the PSU. I will do that.