How to set up doge portion of mining wallet f2pool

Got mini doge miner, got it set up to ltc f2pool working perfectly, clueless on how to setup add doge address? Can anyone help?

Go Under Me/ Payout settings/ Click your mining account/ click LTC (add your LTC address) / Then go to Merged mining coin address enter your doge address. You can also name the address source so you know which wallet its sent to. The dogecoin payout comes automatically with LTC as they are merge mined.

Question? Will the Ltc address be the same as Doge? That’s where I’m stuck! where does the Doge address come from, I’m using f2pool…
Thanks so much

Mine isnt the same, you should have a separate wallet for the doge

No, you need a dogecoin wallet to get DOGE, and a litecoin wallet to get LTC.

Ok I get it… Thank you