How to shut off an asic?

I need to move my miner, do I just flip the power switch?

No different if the power went off from the power company shutting down with out notice to you.

Shut it off, move it, power on and reconnect to pool if it does not shelf reconnect. My S19 and S9’s all reconnect without issues.

Pretty much just shut it down, yes. I usually unplug the Ethernet cable first but it really doesn’t matter. You’re good either way

I like to pull the Ethernet or shut down mining first to let them cool a bit


To shut down a ASIC, I recommend changing the pool address (to a non-existing address/fake) , then shutting down.
The reason I do this is because of ASIC Firmware. You do not want to power down while your ASIC machine is awaiting a response from the pool. If this occurs the ASIC gets stuck on receiving mode and will not longer startup and run with out a reset/re-boot. This only occurs if your ASIC is “awaiting” a response. The reason this occurs is because a response from a pool is a confirmation of earnings, your ASIC miner is programmed to stop at nothing to receive confirmation for work it has done.
So change the pool, un-plug/dis-connect. Then plug in, re-hookup to the network, then access the ASIC via UI and re-type the correct pool.

Too many times I’ve helped people solve this exact issue with un-plugging ASICs. Plenty of people have their own methods. This is what works for me.

I turned off my CK6 to move it and restarted 1 minute later. Before the switch was completely flipped to on - very loud “POP” with a bright flash and of course it’s dead.

I suspect these ASICs are very hot when shut down and when I turned it back on, one of the high power components could not handle the heat and overloaded. I have done this before but never with the switch on the miner - either with a switched PSU or just pulling the plug. I’m wondering if these switches on these ASICS is a bad ideal!

Goldshell is replacing the PSU and hopefully that fixes the problem.