How to solve the Antminer hash rate of 0?

When Antminer’s background status page shows that both GH/S(RT) and GH/S(avg) are 0.0, or the status page has no data, you can troubleshoot from the following aspects:

  1. The chip is abnormal and the hash board is abnormal:
    The performance of the page is that the board is missing and there is no data on the chain. Check whether the power cable and data cable of the hash board are connected correctly, whether they are loose, and whether the data cable is damaged; or upgrade the firmware.
  2. Abnormal network or mining pool:
    It is shown that the status of the mining pool is Dead, etc. Confirm whether the input of the mining pool miners is correct (note the space, the symbol format is in English); check whether the network can be connected to the mining pool normally.
  3. The fan is abnormal:
    It is manifested as no display on the interface, or the fan speed is lower than 1000 rpm. The log shows “Fatal Error: some Fan lost or Fan speed low!”
    Check whether the fan cable is connected correctly; replace the fan (generally, the fan interface on the control board corresponds to the fan number on the operating interface of the miner, individual versions cannot be matched, and the fan needs to be replaced to correspond)
  4. Abnormal temperature:
    The miner temperature exceeds the miner temperature protection value.
    The backstage log manifests as the following:
    a. Temperature is higher than 85’C
    b. Temperature is too high!
    c. Temp Err! Please Check Fan! Will Disable PIC!
    d. temp too high!
    Method: Check the temperature of the air inlet of the miner; the recommended temperature is 5-35 degrees Celsius; check the ventilation of the air inlet and outlet of the mining area. If the air volume at the air inlet is small, increase the area of the air inlet and outlet; check whether the heat sink of the miner is blocked by dust, catkins or small insects, which needs to be cleaned quickly; The miner with high temperature protection must be turned off for more than ten minutes and then turned on again, and the temperature of the miner should be improved.
  5. Abnormal power supply:
    All chips are marked with X or the temperature is abnormal (uniformly 15 degrees Celsius), and the power supply needs to be replaced.