How to start making the dream come true?

Hello everyone. I am a new here and in the world of mining new as well. The thoughts of start mining came to me literally a few days ago and I started to learn about that. There are a lot of info out there but I prefer to start this action and learn learn learn. Do you have any suggestions how to start and with what to start? I don’t have a lot of free money now and desiring to try this with the most convenient/easier to start and cheaper equipment. Pretty sure I will learn more after being involved in the industry. Thank you in advance about your thoughts and suggestions. Regards, Vee


On your way to learn learn learn… comes the effort and READ READ READ. Well, in todays reading you can sit and watch some good Youtube videos also.

Time is money. So put in the time, get some startup plan, money what you can afford. Preorder on Bobcat or MileSight getting into the Helium mining aspect. Or hit up eBay or me ( I have an extra BobCat for sale ) if you have about $1300 to invest today.

I tried the S9J at $750 shipped to my door. It only does about $4 a day mining into SlushPool. My HNT in 30 days between 2 Bobcat miners is already at $500 or about $250 each… but remember that with the helium network on returns it alot comes back to the old saying LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION.

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With HNT definitely take the time to look at the explorer on If your in a profitable area( 3 or less miners per hexagon with many miners near by) then I would definitely get into helium. Next use to run simulations of your specific location with different dbi antennae. The higher you mount the antenna the better no matter what antennae you go with.The estimate has been pretty accurate at my location. I added an outside 10dbi antenna with 20’ of lmr400 cable to connect it and I went from .02 to .55 per day. I turned on port forwarding and I am now earning .75-1.25 shares per day. I am excited to add my second miner and more as I find more locations.
There are youtube videos galore that will walk you through set up and port forwarding step by step.


I have my first Hot Spots arriving sometime soon, based probably batch 29 or 30 for Bobcat 300s.

I guess I should start looking into antennas.

Not many around me yet, is that a good thing or bad thing?

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I would say it’s opportunity. You will need to build up the network to get the most rewards. If you have several miners coming you will be able to plot the best locations and seek out homeowners or buildings to place them. Many people in my area are offering 20% of the earnings to the owner of the location or even paying part or the entire internet bill for the month in exchange for allowing placement. This video kind of lays out placement for multiple miners.

How to place Helium hotspots? Perfect placement for your Helium Miners | Maximize your HNT earnings - YouTube

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This is pretty good info on poc11. They are updating some things on antenna gain and location requirements. What is Helium's PoCv11? How does it Effect me? - HotspotRF Blog

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With helium, if you don’t have a good location you’ll barely make any money…check the hotspot rf site, pay for the extra credits to do the check and see the profits for where you would put it.

Look at small asic boxes like what goldshell sells, they are quiet and more affordable and great for beginners. Also checkout, this site will show estimated profit and power usage.

Do not fomo into anything, there are so many scammers out there it is crazy. Ask on here if a site is legit or not before buying from them. If the price is to good to be true, then it’s a scam.

And watch lots of voskcoin YouTube videos, he has covered so much information on mining it is crazy.

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Thank you guys! I really appreciate your answers. Will take a look at your links first for now. Regards, Vee

Thanks to Vee for asking and thanks to all responses. Some great info here and as someone that started and continues to GPU mine Ethhash. Ive added the deeper and am dying for a dongle while at he same time endlessly chasing the MNTD and BC300. Getting closer!
Frag Out!

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Hey, guys! After checking helium location in my house I probably wouldn’t go for that. It shows me that a possible estimated rewards will be about 0.003. So, that wouldn’t get my effort to this. Learning about GPU mining and how to set up a rig. First of all, that would be interesting to built it by my self and secondly I think that I can mine a eth with that equipment. I’ve heard that it is the most profitable coin these days. BUT! I also read that they will change/update their algorithm. Is that right time to get into the GPU mining?

Can I use used GPU’s for that? or it won’t bring me profit?

Was looking for goldshell miner and it looks like they all sold out…

Thank for you opinions.

Regards, Vee

Be careful as ethereum mining is supposed to be going to proof of stake next year…which means you cannot mine it once that happens. The good thing about graphic card mining is you can switch it up some and mine something different. Goldshell boxes are good entry level units, but they can be hard to come by. You should follow them on twitter t get notifications on when they release new miners or get new stock in. Be careful on where you buy them as a lot of people mark them up and your roi can get pretty long. Checkout their official twitter and website at, and also look at dx pool, they sell miners at a good price. Their website is

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Thank you so much!

It seems like you know a lot in this field.

The main question for today: Would it be efficient to build up a GPU rig with used cards, let’s say from gaming PCs, and still be efficient in mining?

Can I use different GPUs on the rig?

Anu thoughts about that?


Heat management. GPU rigs make alot of heat just like a large ASIC box.

There is no way a GPU rig is going to be more efficient than a ASIC built specifically for that only… Mining a hash result.

I understand that the ASIC box makes you more money but I’m trying to figure out how to jump into the mining on a budget. I will try that out, learn the pros and cons.


That is an excellent plan. Spend what your wallet allows and what you are willing to wait on in shipping.

In 60 days flip back here and let us know how that turned out for you.

So far I have done LBC, HNT, SHA256. None are great experiences over all. Each has had it flaws. The HNT however has put $400 in the HNT Staking in 30 days. Cheap ASIC do nothing but run the electric bill up so far. I need a $15K ASIC to make a dent in performance.

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lol send me ur moeny… ill take care of the rest…tell me what u wana makea day . ill tell u how much u need and what to do .

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I’m in the same boat, looking to get started don’t know a whole lot. Thinking of buying a couple of A10s to etherium mine. What all do I need to get started? I have access to office space, internet and power.

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I started with KD boxes. low power usage, heat is negligable, quiet, not needing 220 (or 221 whatever it takes). I also am in a crap location for helium. I also have a hard time pulling the trigger on an A10 with the uncertainty or ETH 2.0. maybe you can hash for Unmineable for other coins?

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Hi, David. I guess the most important thing here is the budget. If you have about 10k to invest you can choose whatever you fill will work for you. If you are a “cheap guy”(don’t have free money to invest) but have a big desire to learn about mining and get extra money then you gotta figure out it in your own way.

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Hi, Winston. If that is not a big secret, can you share with us what KD box approximately makes for you?

Just my curiosity