How to start out in crypto mining?

Im a complete nube when it comes to mining. Im looking to get into the game but I have no idea where to start. I’ve seen graphics card set ups to huge big box looking ones. im looking for a set up that I can start with a regular outlet. I welcome all suggestions!

Best to start with a Helium miner or Goldshell miner

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Welcome @curtinjn
I took to heart that if you can start with one and make a profit you should grow it, so what I did was buy one asic miner, then another asic miner before the first one even showed up, the second miner is hashing away, now, then I bought three more asic miners because the price kept jumping.
I hired an electrician to put in a couple 240 volt outlets and set up a wire storage shelf on wheels and strapped two PDUs to the shelf, set the whole thing in front of a window and planned. I duct the exhaust of the miner out the window, and will do the same for all the miners.
After I dipped my toe in, I figured, what the heck, I’m jumping in.