How to submit projects that Voskcoin viewers are keen on getting a review on

Hi all,

Long-term viewer, first post! Just wanted to ask how the viewers of Voskcoin can submit what projects we’d like reviewed in Vosk’s future videos? Can we run a poll on-site? With Eth going to 2.0 in 2025 it would be great to get a feel for what other viewers are looking at.

I’m personally looking at Flux quite a bit as I have now stood up two nodes creating Flux on a daily basis, plus I can mine it and get rewards for my mined Flux every couple of months, through their asset snapshots and mining rewards.

I also like the fact they are building a similar computational network much like the Internet Computer Project, with loads of use cases…

I’d love to see Vosk review this project and would also love to get other people’s views if you have one.