How to turn KDA into USD?

NEED HELP PLEASE ! Im using f2pool and from there it goes into my zelcore wallet… What exchange can I use to transfer my KDA into USD ? I live in U.S.A so can’t use I am new and need help thanks in advance

Kucoin works for me

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Kucoin has not been able to trade KDA lately


CoinMetro and Okcoin will work.

Also, using the zelcore wallet, you can exchange KDA to any other crypto on zelcore. For an example you can swap KDA for LTC. Than move LTC to your Blockfi account…

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Yeah I seen that quick swap but it requires 13 kda
But coin metro does support zelcore wallet ?

Coinmetro supports KDA on all chains. They never had their exchange closed for maintenance either. You do have to KYC with them. And do not use a VPN when accessing them either. If you do those two things, CoinMetro is solid.

thank you ! How do I KYC with them ?

@Jonathan_Ortiz, Just make an account with them and follow instructions. You will probably have to take a picture of your driver license and yourself. Than wait…. (Took several days for them to approve me when I KYC’ed with them.)

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using hotbit myself, had some issue with my first zelcore-hotbit transfer but was solved in the end , minus with kda it can be a pain to find a exchange but for me it ended with hotbit as binance was beeing a pain in the rear to get verified so i gave up thus hotbit
Minus with hotbit i cant stake my KDA only sell it there for other coins-usd

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How fast do you need the money??
If it’s fast then I go KuCoin to BTC, BTC to CashApp, CashApp to Bank. Takes about 30 mins tops.
If your not in a rush, SpragClutch said it best, just flip it to LTC and send to any of the centralized exchanges that you want, but those withdraws take a few days from start to your bank.



KuCoin Wallet is back up and running for KDA. A lot of people commented it does not work, that is because it was broken for a few months but as of a couple weeks ago… you can send straight from Zelcore to KuCoin without any issues. Takes maybe 10 minutes to transfer .

Another option I was using while KuCoin was broken is COINMETRO.
This exchange worked OK and you can swap your KDA for USDT easily.

The verification process on CoinMetro took about two weeks though so if your in a crunch, just start up a KuCoin wallet.

eeexcuse me , but 2 weeks to get verified on coinmetro ? i call bs -.- it took me 20 minutes

You can also do an exchange right on Zelcore and save on Withdrawal fees. Compare, sometimes it’s cheaper, other times not so much.

Robert, care to share some information on how to exchange KDA on Zelcore? I must have missed this memo or not been update din the last couple of months. Got any links to videos or can you explain the application on zelcore for me?


I use Binance, but you may also try

In Zelcore, there’s a built in swap option you can use where funds get transferred out in one coin and back in another. Pairings are slightly limited and not all are a good deal. It’s just nice to have the option. It is glitchy, no question, but if they ever get it right what a great tool!! I’ll look for a video link for you tomorrow. :v:t3:

In Zelcore when you go into the quick swap option it takes you to a page where you can select what you want to swap and KDA is not an option so what exactly are you talking about and be specific? Which swap option are you using on Zelcore to allow you to trade KDA for something? Thanks

I believe it’s called Eve. It used to let you swap Kadena but since the Binance listing they’ve seemed to have stopped. If you use other coins it works. Now you’re back to sending it to KuCoin or Coinex to swap. Sorry bud!!

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Unfortunately that swap feature for KDA is not in service anymore. I contacted Zelcore and they said that provider that did the swapping is not. I had to transfer it to KuCoin, then swap for USDT to cash out.

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I’m new to KDA but I mine direct to Zelcore chain 0 under mining. Then convert to Chain 1 in Zelcore.
Once that is completed you can send to your coinmetro. At Coinmetro you can trade for other coins I just did BTC, I don’t have my bank account setup with them so had to transfer to and then convert to USD and direct deposit to my bank account.

It takes a few steps to complete but doesn’t take long at all. Hope that helps someone out. I know it is a few transfers but works really well.