How to Turn YOUR TIME into MONEY with CRYPTOCURRENCY 💰| Gitcoin Tutorial

You can turn your time or labor into MONEY with cryptocurrency – this requires no financial investment, and you could earn hundreds or even THOUSANDS of dollars! Let’s review how to earn money in crypto! Sub to VoskCoin -

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This video is entirely focused on Gitcoin, an open-source project aiming to grow open source! Gitcoin revolves around Ethereum, but other projects like Zcash and Filecoin have recently sponsored grants for users to contribute to their cryptocurrency blockchains! There are a lot of ways to turn your time into money, but turning your time and labor into money with cryptocurrency can be incredibly lucrative, but more importantly, it can be extremely rewarding. Gitcoin and their CLR match bonus for their grants awards hundreds of crypto users 100’s or 1000’s or even 10,000’s of dollars for contributing to the Ethereum or Gitcoin community, building DApps, or even just making Ethereum memes LOL! At the end of the day, Gitcoin offers a suite of products on their site, and their grants program allows you to contribute to something much bigger than yourself and likely even be financially compensated for doing so! If you work hard, it’s likely you’ll find success in anything, especially in the ever-growing Ethereum ecosystem.

Links! the official Gitcoin website!
Submit your own Gitcoin grant for funding here!
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Gitcoin Kudos are Non-Fungible Tokens NFT -
Get paid to complete bounties on Gitcoin -
How to maximize your matching bonus on Gitcoin -
Everything you need to know about Gitcoin!

Learn how to use Metamask to contribute to Gitcoin -

Did you know you can create your own Kudos NFTs on Gitcoin and get paid when people buy your non-fungible tokens?!

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 - 01:30 Introduction to turning your time into money
01:31 - 02:19 Gitcoin Grant Earnings Leaderboard
02:20 - 02:55 What is Gitcoin?
02:56 - 03:58 VoskCoin ETH Education Grant Launch
03:59 - 04:43 More Donations = More Rewards
04:44 - 05:24 Projects that have received Grants
05:25 - 06:27 Gitcoin’s Categories and Grants
06:28 - 07:38 VoskCoin FIL Video Guides Grant Launch
07:39 - 08:40 How to Contribute to Grants
08:41 - 09:53 How you can make money with Grants!
09:54 - 11:26 Turn your time into money with Gitcoin today!
11:27 - 12:31 Using your MetaMask to pay on Gitcoin
12:32 - 13:12 Turning 40 dollars into 400!
13:13 - 14:02 How to get started with Gitcoin & GitHub
14:03 - 14:50 NFT’s on Gitcoin
14:51 - 15:40 Easy way to earn NFT’s on Gitcoin with Quests
15:41 - 19:37 Vosk goes on a few Quests!
19:38 - 20:07 Support others on Gitcoin & get involved
20:08 - 21:27 Trade time for money with crypto today

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