How to use box power supply (like Antec) w/ Doge Mini?

Hey everyone - I just started successfully mining ASICs (some low power, Doge minis). I’m looking to connect a few more, so I bought this Antec power supply ( I confirmed all specs, and the fact that the unit is working, but for some reason it’s not as simple as plug and play (when I plug in my Doge mini, it doesn’t turn on). Anyone have any tips? Like what am I missing? Really appreciate it!

You may need to jumpstart the power supply. Basically using a jumper between 2 pins on a connector since there is no motherboard to plug into. If you google or YouTube it you will see examples.

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What Chsear11 said ^, you need to jump the sense pin for the power supply to engage. Its not meant for a miner its meant for a MB so it doesn’t see the signal, it doesn’t turn on. We just had another Doge miner with similar problem using a Dell server PS same issue.

Here’s how to jump start an atx power supply. Some power supplies come with a plug that is already jumpered.