How VoskCoin helped us start

I never would have thought watching a few YouTube videos and finding a YouTuber named VoskCoin would start me down such an amazing journey. This is just a little bit of how VoskCoin helped me start with building our first GPU mining rig and how that turned into our Remote Garden Location and a few things in between.
It did not take long to fall in love with building GPU mining rigs as soon as my first one was hashing. We built a 12x1060 3gb PNY GPU Mining rig focusing on Ethereum at the start. We used that Asrock H110 Pro BTC+ mobo with EVGA PSU’s as well as Vengeance Ram. We were hooked from the start and then there was the lights!
Once you get the itch it is very easy to run with it. Which is exactly what we did. We started building GPU mining rigs and ordering as much as we could get our hands on.

You find out very quickly that you are not ready for what you have built. What I mean by that is there is so much heat these mining rigs put off. So much heat. If you don’t have any way to deal with it you find you will be opening the windows in the middle of a midwest winter when it is 10 deg outside yet you are still in shorts inside. That does not mention that you need to figure out what to do about all the electric these rigs will suck up.
We figured out pretty fast it was time to find a better solution for our miners. So we decided we would build a remote garden location just to keep our “garden” This process took well over a year and entailed 100 amp to 200 amp panel upgrade as well as heat/sound proofing of our RGL.

There are so many things to think about as you are trying to construct a space just for all of this equipment you start to build.
We decided to go all out and as we continued to watch videos from VoskCoin we just kept testing and trying to build things custom to our location as well as document it all on our own YT channel.

We build a “hot box” to take all the hot air off our rigs as well as put in shelving to keep things nice and clean. Everything has been a work in progress and continues to grow and change.
The electric updates were one of the biggest pain in my rears out of the whole thing. To this day we are still waiting for a few loose ends to be tightened up. One thing you need to make sure is don’t skimp on the electric and please let the professionals do it.
Then we learned about ASIC and well the rest is history.
One thing I learned early and try to pass on often is how great the community is. With out VoskCoin and the community I would not be here and would not have made connections around the world.
Our adventure is not over. It is just in the earliest of stages just like BTC is. We didn’t talk about markets, profitable coins, what to mine. This was just a nice little journey down our path that was all started from a simple YouTube video that has turned into a passion and one day we hope the MOON!


Dude this was an amazing post the pics were all dope af! You got a cool ass setup bro I would be proud of that for sure!


Thanks for the post. Amazing setup. :+1:


thank you for checking out the post and we are very proud!

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thank you for checking it out and thank you!

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Super cool to hear your story in expanded detail Wes, especially here on VoskCoinTalk with some good pictures! Honestly it’s awesome to hear the channel had a positive impact and nudged you into building out a mining garden :smiley:

Also don’t be afraid to link out to your YouTube channel, which for anyone curious can be found right here

I know I am biased, but this is a sick picture!

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Thank you for everything! I do agree that is one of my favorites.

@VoskCoin I wanted to give you an update on this. This post started out as a how VoskCoin helped us start mining. Within the last few weeks we can now say How VoskCoin Helped Us CHANGE CAREERS. Yes, you did read that correctly. We recently just changed careers and could not be any more excited about this life changing event and VOSKCOIN and the mining community was a very large part in helping me land this position.

You might think how in the world could VOSKCOIN and the mining community be a huge factor in helping you land such a dream job? Yes, I SAID DREAM JOB!! Well there is a lot involved with setting up a a mining rig and keeping multiple mining rigs. We had spent some time at Purdue University studying computer science but the math was just not for us if that makes sense. So over that last two decades we have not worked with anything remotely to do with computers until now.

Over the last few years we have been learning and teaching with our YT channel and our RGL (remote garden location) and someone took notice. We have years of sales experience which was a plus but we are told we have a solid technical background as well. Pair that with being able to build and run multiple GPU mining rigs as well as the ability to help other made me the perfect cantidate.

We landed a Level 2 Technical and Sales Engineer role for a VOIP, fiber optic, and business/residential telecommunications company. My roles include everything from inventory control (purchasing, set up, dispersing) telephone systems, maintenance packages for your business needs as well as ours, residential PC repair/building, business PC repair/building, business networking, procedure documenting and creating, as well as IT for our companies own designed systems. Week one was quite the crash course but as my new employer put it… “If you can build these mining rigs, maintain and troubleshoot them, all while teaching yourself the skills needed to teach others you will do just fine.”

We use our “How To” series to show different types from using your Editing and Gaming rigs to mining with different OS like HIVEOS as well as AWESOME MINER. We also have several videos on our story of building our RGLand even inside our “HOT BOX” which use to attempt to keep our ASIC and GPU mining rigs cool.

So week one included learning 5 new programs, learning a wiki system while updating that system while I learn it and see procedures that do not make sense, purchasing equipment, 4 PC repairs, a power overload at one of our server stations / towers (at 10pm), and an upset customer who did not understand how to operate their system as well as some features not working. I have never been more excited to head into work and it shows.

SO THANK YOU AGAIN @VoskCoin FOR WHAT YOU DO! It is great and I look forward to continuing to helps others and growing and continued success just like yourself!

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