How would I link a miner to a wallet

Hello. Im new to mining and im confused on how I would link a miner to a wallet (I have a coinbase wallet set up). I watched the video on how to setup an asic miner and he said that you have to find the IP address. So how would I even go about finding that

You need to log in to your router and find your device list. If your miner is plugged in it will show up on your router device details

Your router has an IP address usually listed on the router itself. Type that into your websites url

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First of all you need to setup an account on a mining pool, for example on F2Pool, DxPool, Poolin, etc…

Then once you setup the account on your desired pool, you add your crypto wallet to your mining pool, based on the coin you want to mine.

Once that is done you setup your worker that you will use for your miner later on in the format of WorkerName.001 where WorkerName is the desired name you want to add to your worker like for example JohnDoe.001 or JOHNDOE.001 or johndoe.001, each pool is different.

Then afterwards you go to your router after powering up your miner and connecting it to your router via ethernet, and search for a new device that has been added to your network and copy that IP address, and paste it to your browser.

Then login to your miners GUI with the default username and default password, and go to the miners configurations.

From there you will add the worker name you just created, along with a random password for your worker name, along with the pools stratum URL, for example with F2Pool would be stratum+tcp://

Then after you input all that information into your miners config page, your miner will restart with the new pool configurations, and you should be mining after that.


Easiest way to find your miners up address is to download advanced IP scanner it’s free just install and run. If you have an bitmain it will show up as texas instruments in the scan. Just input that up address and login into your Asics.

Or, if you have AT&T like in my case you can see the IP of all your devices connected to your network on their Smart Home Manager that you can check either on the browser or downloading the app on your Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


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That was well said, I have questions, can I DM you.

Sure go ahead.

Ok, just as soon as I can figure it out.

What mining os are you using ? I use minerstat and it’s just a few simple commands in the os or you can login remotely from their website and enter your wallet under their config wallet

I found this link to a Goldshell Box series setup walkthrough and it’s fairly complete. It shows the older Goldshell interface but users should be able to figure that out.
Figured I’d post it here for everyone’s reference.

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I book marked this page thank you.