How would you invest $30k in mining?

Hi guys, I’m Matteo from Tuscany - Italy. I’m completely new to the forum, and despite my being pretty tech-savvy, I’m definitely not an expert on mining, so please be patient.
I’ve been dreaming of mining since a few years ago, but I never had the chance to buy even one small graphic card. Now I finally had a twist in my life, and I was wondering (as you guessed) what would you do if you had 30 to 40 grand to invest in mining right now.
In Italy, electricity cost is pretty high, but I do have the chance to do business in other countries where the bill doesn’t kill you.
A big thank you to everyone who will answer.

Welcome Matteo

I don’t have a great straight forward answer from my end but would say it really depends what you’re able to get your hands on and at what cost right now.

So many GPUs and ASIC rigs are on backorder or used ones are going for prices you really need to think twice about and determine when you’ll make your money back/if it’s even worth it.

I personally have a GPU rig setup for Ethereum and Ravencoin at the moment that I initially put probably $1,500 into. That same setup would easily cost me $4-5K in parts today (if I could even get all of them).

All that said, $30-40K is a good chunk of change haha

I’d consider waiting to see if anyone else with a larger mining op has some insight. Also check out some sites like GPU profitability ranking - WhatToMine to see what gpu or asic profitabilities look like/compare that to any you’re considering purchasing.


i know what id do

sertup solar panels for the electric

TRY and purchase a newest asic miners as there basically x amount of gpu graphics cards in 1 machine without all the fuss

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watch out tho so many scam sites
always do a is this site safe check
lol learnt that mistake dohhh and a few sites that are just ridiculous prices because they can charge that much because there none about and hard to get hold off
personally scan ebay you might be lucky on a auction

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Thanks, everyone! I’ll invest 3/4k in bobcats helium to set up a network in my neighborhood for sure.
I also understand that my question had a lot of possible answers…but let’s say you can invest 100 or even 200k USD, which coin would you invest them into as of today?

just heard a rumor today that ETH is supposed to hit $10k by the end of this month, if that were true, I’d say ETH

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Well on that question if I had them 30-40k.
I would get myself probably 2 second hand Rigs, and the rest I would invest in Helium most probably, as that is the blockchain which I see has a better chance.
Also, I would probably spend around 4-5k on trading bots just for the heck, because I am not a trader nor do I want to be, but I can see there are benefits to be had in the business Dao.


I have found staking to be more profitable than bots, but that’s just me

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