HS5 on a 120v Line

I’m learning more about the electrical aspect of mining, and I came across the Hs5. It used 1500w when mining SiaCoin. am I correct that if I were to set one up to mine SiaCoin, it would consume 12.5 amps, making it safe to run through a standard 120V line?

Hs5? From goldshell. Im seeing its 2650 watts on asicminervalue

Yes but that’s when it’s mining HandShake. If you look below that, it is also possible to mine SiaCoin at 5.4Th/S with 1500W consumption.

Ahhh gotcha. Sorry thats my fault. The. Yes you should be ok math wise. Just make sure your wall plug is a 15 amp. Some houses have 10 and 15’s
Electric gonna be more costly vs. Running it on a 30amp plug btw

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Check the amps for the breaker you will be using as a 15amp breaker you will be restricted to 12amps @80% because the miner will be running continuous. If you have a 20amp circuit that would be a better option.

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Shit i forgot about that yes hes totally right. Has to be 20amp or higher

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Does anyone know when Goldshell will sell HS5 directly to consumers again? I’d like to avoid paying double to price when buy it from a distributor.

Has anyone tried this yet while using a 120v line while mining SiaCoin? Does the PSU that it comes with support 120v input? About to pull the trigger on an HS5 if this is actually possible.

Nope. PSU that comes with it is definitely rated 200-240V