HS5 What am I missing?

Im getting ready to pull the trigger on a HS5 as my first ASIC, but the fact that they’re readily available when everything else is so scarce has me a little worried. Am I missing something? Is the HS5 about to become obsolete and I don’t know it? Profits about to tank? I’ve done what I think is my due diligence, but I can’t help but think I’m missing something and am about to make a big mistake.

If you are making a profit then why pull the plug get your coins then sell them or exchange them for other crypto.

I think he means he’s going to buy a HS5. From my understanding, people like to mine Sia coin and convert it into Bitcoin. I believe Vosk talked about it in one of his videos, just cant remember which one

Yes, I don’t mean pulling the plug… I meant I’m about to purchase one. I’m just a bit confused as to why the HS5 is readily available, I’m afraid of wasting basically all my expendable money on it for it to be a doorstop in 2 months.

Could you please define “readily available”? What is the price? Is it brand new or used and from which vendor?

Coin mining central has had them new in stock for some time now, which seems to be the most trusted vendor here. USD it’s about 7,500 but ROI appears to be under 9 months.

Got mine for less about a month ago, but I do agree that even for $7.5K it’s a good deal. ROIs are a bit tough to predict - that is if it stays on HS algorithm and makes around $40 a day. Up until a week ago SC algorithm was more profitable with around $25/day (HS was making about the same, but using more power). On a side note, this is one of the loudest ASICS out there and one of the hottest ones too (when mining HS - on SC not too bad).