Hey this website has a picture of VOSK on it!

Is this a legit website??

Please let me know!

Did anyone get back to me about this website [] that has Vosk’s picture on it? Is it legit?

Please let me know.


It is, without a shred of doubt, a scam. If you were to send them crypto, kiss it goodbye

Pick any rig. They’re all significantly under market. After the past couple days, who knows what the market price of a KD5 is. But it had been a $60k miner and very hard to get until recently, though these guys claim to have them for $13k or less if you do a bulk order. Seriously?

And miraculously, these guys seem to have and endless supply of whatever ASIC you need.

If you want to see actual prices and availability (or lack thereof) for Antminers, try Bitmain’s official site

Or Goldshell’s

When in doubt, assume scam until proven otherwise. These guys don’t even pass the initial sniff test.