Hi from Texas,
Very new to this no experience with mining at all and would love to learn and more. I know nothing about mining until I came across YouTube videos.
I appreciate you sharing all of your precious informative information and experience… phew that’s a lot of investment- wish I could so that.
Anyway I hope to learn here.
Thanks for the Forum !

Oh I have a question: my friend is referring me to join mining. The website called: Vbit DC. Is this site real or profitable to mine at cost of 2400$ upfront for two years mining? I attached the link above.
Thanks. Appreciate your time and honesty.

I searched here before I ended up buying a package through them. I am SUPER stoked I made the jump when I did after not finding much info here except someone talking about it being a cloud based mining company. That’s not accurate. You actually own the hardware (SJ19j Pro 100). I don’t think Vosk would mention it as he has a relationship with Compass, so I can understand that. I looked at Compass, but the time delay to get up and running was way too long for me, and I didn’t want to host these beasts in my basement as I also run an Airbnb so that would be a major issue. With vbit I got setup in less than 2 weeks and was mining. I then decided to join in the affiliate program. I’m about to tour the country to promote the company now (the southern half of the country first). I don’t want to post any links as I’m not here to active recruit… just saying I did my own DD, and I am all in now. This just for others that were on the fence, I can at least vouch for them now. Happy mining to all! Thanks to Vosk for his insight and got me excited about GPU mining about 7 months ago.

Since the OP was a bit dated… the price has dramatically gone up. I hoped you jumped in when you looked. I assume you were looking at the really small packages (hey now… that’s not what I mean!). I don’t think they sell anything that cheap anymore, the lowest currently is $3900 plus hosting. That’s 500 more than just two weeks ago. They sell out, get more then sell out… repeat. But that’s only because Bitmain is raising prices with BTC rising. The Miner I bought was a full miner, not the slice of one, which I thought was kinda weird, but they at least offer something for all entry levels. But it’s not like they can ship that to you if you want your miner sent to you.

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