HUGE Crypto News and Crypto Scams, and Fines!

HUGE Crypto News and Crypto Scams, and Fines! Crypto millionaires doxxed, crypto lending company FINED MILLIONS by the US government, the best Bitcoin miner is actually a scam and much more?!
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Having the option to make money with your money, governments do not like that. Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, web 3.0, they are all bad for governments because they remove control from them. Govs are cracking down on crypto companies and thus crypto investors as well. Journalists are leaking crypto founders information, putting them at risk. Bitcoin mining news and a BTC miner that would be super profitable if it were…real… lets run through the latest crypto news of 2022!

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New Bitcoin Miner Earns $50 A DAY! Legit? New Bitcoin Miner Earns $50 A DAY! Legit? - YouTube

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 latest crypto news
00:56 BlockFi gets a $100 million fine?
02:39 The best way to acquire Bitcoin?
04:06 Where to buy Bitcoin miners?
04:17 Miami receives $5.25 million from CityCoins
05:34 Miners stakers and coders going to be criminals?
06:50 YouTube getting into Web3 and NFTs
07:49 BAYC NFT creators identities revealed?
09:01 My thoughts on NFTs
09:53 FTX
11:03 Venice Swap a multi tool crypto platform
11:40 New Bitcoin miner earns $50 a Day legit or scam?
12:08 Dogecoin moving to PoS?

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HUGE Crypto News and Crypto Scams, and Fines! BlockFi 100m fine