Hummer H1 coming soon,how about a pre-game plan?

First batch of H1’s should be coming out real soon,cut off to get the first batch was today,5/15. I see the price is twice the payout at handahake then nicehash. Why is there such a big difference. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the mumbo jumbo about buying web domains,I don’t want to buy wed domains,I have some already,I just want to mine at the highest rate possible,maybe trade in later. I saw a test pool but didn’t quite understand the HNS site saying I can only spend my coins on their site(what). Can we get pre-started on how to mine at beat rate,how to get a wallet on an exchange that supports HNS. I got everything ready except fish tanks,lol


Interested to see how this goes :grimacing: hopefully you will not receive fish tank instead of asic miner :joy:

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Do you know many have been produced and what will that do to the hashrate? And will there be another batch and/or another manufacturer? Seems like you can just mine direct to an exchange with a few options. Will be interesting to see how they go!

H1 gives 80gh if I remember correct
And of course you can sell hns on,, etc.
Rather profitable especially for those who will get the first batch

That depends on how many there are. Speaking from recent experience I had a K5 that was down to make £100/day until Todek miners came in and spoiled that lockdown party. Now I have a hot noisy thing that makes £1.50/day profit - 2 years to ROI.

For instance, if the supposed 600 miners are released that’s 48Th/s more. Current hashrate is 27Th/s. Worse case scenario that’s 3 times greater difficulty, leaving £20/day profit for a £2K miner - 100 days to ROI.

Hmmm okay I’ll get one, or maybe two… :smiley:

… Hang on, but what if they made 1200, or 2400… and what if bitmain come out with one in 3 months.


Anyone has any ideas of how many of these will reach the market ? I am interested in buying one but i am looking at the numbers and my guess is that they are farrrr from reality, it wouldn´t make any sense to sell an asic that can mine 20 dolars ( a day for 1200-2000, i mean, they are selling s19 pros for 2500-3000 and they are only making 2 dolars a day (maybe will make more, depends on the price of bitcoin after the halving).

Lol,miners coming from trusted and provin seller…I need the H1’s so I know what size to get because they all gettin immersed.

Supposedly I heard 600 first batch,but I only think that was the allotted amount to that particular seller,but that’s my opinion because I had no problem obtaining 3 days before cutoff. I hope there’s only 600 miners produced. There is a second batch coming the end of June-mid July with a price around 1250. Also I believe these miners can miner ETH,still researching this theory on FPGA’s

Nicehash finally coming around…all the nubers I been seeing have always been half what HNS,last night was like $19…I was thinkin I’m goin to HNS and I don’t care how long it takes to change over to USD

Just stay close to this for the first month

A lot of hype around this stuff but don’t lose your head guys, think twice, this is ASIC for just one coin.

ASICs too much of a gamble for me I would rather just slowly keep moving forward than having big swings up and down.

All FPGA can be reprogrammed,only problem is find a programmer,lol. But more looking into this…

I know its old,but its definitely possible

6block announced 600 units for public pre-sale. They didn’t mention any additional private units they sold to mining farms. Running a production run for only 600 units doesn’t make sense, so I would assume there are (or will be) more units (and more vendors if earnings are attractive). $20/day earnings for 1st batch customers could go on for a month before more units go online. $20/day x 31 days only gives you $620 back on your hardware purchase (before operating costs). I expect daily earnings to drop to the $2-$5 range soon after.

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I agree with all that, the only thing that’s confusing me is the hashrate - it hasn’t changed much for the past few months - usually you would see a spike as these are tested/used but that hasn’t happened. So either they are not testing them, or they aren’t ready yet, or never will be! Only f2pool has had a big increase in the past few days (7 to 14 Th/s) but there should be a 50Th increase for 600 units. Anyone with any insight about this?

These machines will ship out,I saw a video of the test model sent to my alibaba supplier, it showed 88gps at 2835 watts so its real.july 17-25 expect shipout,UNLESS THEY DELAY AGAIN IN WHICH THEY MIGHT AS WELL GIVE ME BACK $700 CUZ TO ME THE 2ND BATCH IS RIGHT BEHIND…I can’t take no more delays,this BS…