Hummer H1 miner update

The official distributor of the H1 miner says that it will be released with 2000 units in total over 2 batches. First batch will be released June 15th, second batch 2-3 weeks later.

I’ve done the maths on this and you will ROI in approx 180 days if all other variables remain consistent.

Those variables include whether hummingbird make another batch, whether anyone else makes a miner, and whether the handshake price does what most coins do when this amount of hashrate comes onto the market.

There is already rumour of an 800Gh ASIC coming, but no real evidence.

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Thanks for looking into this! I was skeptical of the hype, but I am taking the risk and bought one. Once it arrives I will share my findings.


No problem :blush: It’s nice to get some real information about a miner release for once. Looks like you will make the majority of your money back, if not all, while supporting the project.