Hunting Crypto Airdrops on the Arbitrum Blockchain!

Hunting crypto airdrops is a lot of fun. Not only do you get to experience the thrill of the cryptocurrency hunt, but you also get an opportunity to be rewarded with thousands of dollars in passive income. Here’s my strategy on how I hunt for airdrops, which has made me over $100k so far! Sub!

Start your journey on the Arbitrum blockchain! - Arbitrum – Scaling Ethereum
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Finding projects that airdrop free crypto coins is often like winning the lottery! But there’s actually a formula that you can use to find these projects and take full advantage of them, ensuring you stand a chance to receive $1,000s worth of free coins. My airdrop hunting strategy is one that I’ve developed over many months, using previous airdrop eligibility to see what projects look for and thus take steps to maximize my own eligibility for new projects. With the Arbitrum blockchain ecosystem growing so rapidly, it’s very likely that there will be more than a few coins that airdrop tokens, so let’s look for some of these together!

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03:04 How to find crypto airdrops
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08:32 Passive income on Hashflow
10:12 The VoskCoin airdrop strategy!

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Hunting Crypto Airdrops on the Arbitrum Blockchain!

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