I baught the wrong model of asics dont make the same mistake

i mine bitcoin over here in Africa, Nigeria precisely, i mine with 2nd hand and old innosilicon miners electricity is cheap, they worked fine almos a year now but whn i have faulty hasboards, i have a vast knowledge on electronics and i was looking for resources,guides and tools on the internet to fix my hashboards, i could barely find any. Innosilicon miners are mostly used by the chinese and their repair men dont understand english. and innocilion customer support is not helping my situation, they refuse to send me a guide on their hashboard architecture. Now am stranded because its not feasible to send them out for repair its better you buy new miners.
Bitmain asics have allot of resourses tools, manuals and allot of resourses jst stick to your antminers,.
Please if we have anyone who has knowledge on repairing innocilicon hashbourds in here, please i would need a little tutorial from you i already know allot about hashbords i am a fast learner and i wont be a burden to you, u will be helping Africa if you help me with knowledge. thank you

I am saddened to see your difficulties. We have free maintenance guides and manuals, but Innocilion doesn’t have much, you can check this: Innosilicon Hash Board Repair Guide
I hope it can be helpful to you.