I bought 2 KD-Box KDA Miners

I’ve lost track of the accounts, but what I know is CoinMetro uses all the Kadena chains.

3x on conservative side. Not financial advice.

As of Aug Kucoin also supports all chains and auto selects chain 1 for withdraws. I’ll check it out though.


  • Official KDA exchange

  • Accessible globally

  • KYC not required

  • As of August 6th 2021, deposit of KDA in all 20 chains (chain 0 to chain 19) is now supported.

  • When withdrawing KDA, Kucoin will transfer your KDA to your Chain 1 address

I also have a Kucoin account.
Like the point you made, so many accounts.
I’m holding my KDA and CKB for as long as I can, especially to avoid any extra early taxes.
My hope is that holding cryptocurrency will be an effective hedge against inflation considering how bad it already is.

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Follow them on twitter, or sign up for their emails to get their passwords. It changes regularly.