I Bought $40,000 of Miners

I just invested another $40,000 into cryptocurrency, and it was with new mining rigs that are mining Bitcoin right now… These mining rigs are ASICs, passive income machines, and are indirectly mining BTC, but they’re actually altcoin miners, was this stupid, or a genius move?! Subscribe to see if I win or lose - https://voskco.in/sub

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I have been investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for years, and lately I have really focused on expanding the VoskCoin mining farm. I mine Bitcoin, but I am also mining Dogecoin, Litecoin, Kadena, Kaspa, ETC, and many other coins, especially Nervos Network CKB now that I’ve bought another 12 miners for CKB mining!

Exhaust fan I used - https://geni.us/Jrg2eCA
Full mining farm build playlist - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4dnwHTjcf-9qfOEekcjPwqJqgkO455f-&si=O7scWDdBp_ismEVG
The Best Miners to Buy for 2024 - https://youtu.be/VZf2Hh9UnSs?si=S4zIsN50lWh_Zaig
Complete ASIC Mining Guide - https://youtu.be/UvmXso0h3Oo?si=s1S2kpTsL2M_yalR
TSwift mining link - Telegram: Contact @swift_mining

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 I just bought 12 new crypto miners!
03:40 Which miners did I buy?
06:40 VoskCoin 1 Megawatt mining farm incoming!
08:22 Are these 12 new miners worthwhile?
11:20 Setting up the new miners!
12:38 Why did I just spend $40k on miners?
13:37 Antminer K7 profitability
15:22 Nervos CKB price & hashrate growth
17:04 Why did I choose to mine CKB?
19:07 Digital Shovel Minipod update & Nanopod incoming!
20:19 Insane VoskCoin Mining farm growth!
22:53 Where to buy crypto miners?
23:41 Nervos CKB potential network growth!

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I Bought $40,000 of Miners

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I sure hope Bitcoin price increases or a lot of folks will be shutting down miners by end of month.

Smart play I just upgraded for the having. You should get a nice cut. From your Affiliate.