I can not find CKB balance in may Wallet

The K5 is working nice too f2pool he paid the mining balance but I can not see that in the Wallet. Please help

Can you post a screenshot and more data? What wallet are you using? The official neuron CKB Nervos wallet? What version? Is it synced?

Yes the official neuron Wallet

what can I do?

Hey @MASSI your wallet is not fully synced yet, reference my Nervos CKB Neuron wallet fully synced in this screenshot. You can click that area to get this box that will tell you the exact block height you are on and reference that with the official Nervos CKB blockchain explorer to ensure you’re on the correct block height. Current Nervos CKB block height is 1,520,952, but increasing constantly.

Thanks that means that my wallet doesn’t have everything synchronizing yet! I don’t need to worry that my CKB are gone😅

@VoskCoin, am a bit confused, what do I have to write at RPC URL when I am at Network? Und bei Name may name I think

The CKB Neuron wallet download does not seem to have had an update in close to month am I missing an update link somewhere? I’ve been syncing maybe 10k blocks a day and that’s probably generous. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to access my coin in a month or so at this rate…

On a side note Vosk, I am also sitting at what I felt was a substantially high reject rate of 5.1% on F2Pool

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