I can't join thevoskcoin discord server

i can’t join the voskcoin discord server, every time i try it does nothing. I can click on the button to join but is doesn’t work. i also tried with another account and there it also doesn’t work. But i can still join other servers. does someone now what is wrong?

you have to go into your messages sometimes and respond to the Captiva so that you are proving you are not a bot.

Yes i Know that but if i click the join button, nothing happens and there is nothing in the chat area for verifying.

some of those messages go to your DM… not in the main chat. I cant remember on that server for sure, but I know I had some issues on several of them getting joined.

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This is what i get

I’m unable to get on the general chat myself for the same reasons you described. Were you ever able to figure it out?

I don’t get the general chat either, just a message to buy an emoji