I have 5k to Invest, what should i buy

I’ve been mining with my gtx 1070 at home but I really want to get into mining, I have about $5k and I want to invest it to either buy a GPU mining rig or an asic. I think an asic would be a better option because of what’s going on with ETH 2.0 but I don’t know anything about asic miners. Can anyone recommend anything?

From what everybody has told me, you should invest in ASICs rather than GPU mining as in a few months, eth will no longer be mineable.

And while yes you can mine other coins with GPU, most are not profitable enough to see good returns on the cost of a GPU miner. I would do your research and be on the look out for good deals in the near future. I truly believe with the latest market correction, we will see more machines being sold for reasonable prices.