I have a problem with my L3+ miners

I got my power up and running today. I plugged my L3+ miners in and found out they all have a virus on them. I was able to remove the virus and even with a clean controller board and an update to the newest firmware I can’t get them to connect to any pool. I’ve tried Poolin, litecoinpool.org, F2pool and I’ve even flashed to the HiveOS firmware and couldn’t connect it to anything through that. The Hive OS is able to see the miner and update the settings through the website so I know the miner is connected to the internet. Still, every pool I try just says dead and never connects. The Logs do not report any faults or fatal errors. It just says No servers were found that could be used to get work from and then tells me to make sure I put in all the info correct. Has anyone else run into something like this?

Oh man, that sounds like you’ve done a lot of work and they still aren’t working. I’ve got a few used L3+ on order so I’m following along.

Here is a video on how to remove the virus in case yours show up infected.

It defiantly works.

I’m about out of ideas and things to try. There are other custom firmware that I haven’t tried but its risky. Some of them steal hash rate and others have viruses. I was not expecting to have such problems with how easy it is to set these things up. Some people report switching the fan cables. unplugging all cables and plugging them back in. One guy just shut his off for 2 days turned it back on and it worked. This is frustrating.

Ive figured out that my internet is not the issue. I can Ping the LTC pools using the firmware diagnostics on the miner and it connects just fine.
Doesn’t matter how long i let it sit the log reports that it can’t connect

Success!! I figured out my issue. This applies to all miners. I have an ASUS router that has AI protection on it. If you have that checked on it most likely enabled Two-Way IPS. Two-Way Intrusion Prevention System will block all bitcoin miners on your network. It also opens up your miners to virus attacks. So I plan on changing passwords and update firmware probably once a month.

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how did you find out that they have been infected?

Ya well welcome to crypto, cover your ass or it will get pocked!

I knew they were infected because every time you go to change the pool address and click save it would revert to the nicehash pool address that was on it already.

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