I have many question about my BOBCAT miner

Hey there;
I m following this grup for 1 week. I searched many tag, sometimes I found sometimes not. I m new miner and I installed my my miner before 8 day ago.
So I want to learn something asbout it?

  • I have got still 3900 blocks can I remove them quickly.
  • If I change my internet speed, is there any effect to mining power ?
    *Hıow can I get more witness not including(antenna, cablo cable, internet,location, highest point somting etc.) I mean Can I make it with mauel on web.
    *can I make (create challenge) and if I can How can I make it ?
    *Also witness challenge, participate in challenge …
    *Hotspot hasn’t issued a challenge yet. (Can I change this message? If I can How can I…)
    So as you understand I dont know anything about it? Can you help ??
    Thanks in advance, I m happy to be here.

This mining device was manufactured with the idea that you would set it up and forgot about it. Playing with the antenna and settings every week will result in worse performance than just setting it up, checking the relay status, checking the witness hits once in a while. Its really all you can do.

There was some gaming aspect back in March to November but that has been resolved alot and those $10000 per month numbers are not coming in any longer to those miners up on 500 foot towers.

So you cannot force a witness account to happen, you cannot force a challenge account to happen. Those pay the big rewards.

I have 2 setups that are 20 miles apart as the crow flies. Technically they should see each other and make witness, but it has never happened.

miner388 thank you for your informations. Okey I got what you mean. I made installation and finish. Of course I dont wait more money for per month just I m wondering, after installation how can do more thing for quickly earning. For example if I get contact with my witness on hotspot, somethings change or not? or Groups can I make group with my witness or not? why not I don t know I feel As if I need do something more, except installation.

set it up and watch it work. That is all you can do right now. IoT devices in the future will help bring in HNT but right now there is really no usefulness of this device sitting on your shelf with an antenna talking across the city.

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