I have problem booting OS

Any motherboard bios options recommended?

Try: “Mining Mode” - Enabled
“Above 4G decoding” - Enabled
“PciE version” - Gen 2
“Windows Boot Mode” - CSM otherwise UEFI will boot
“Legacy Devices” - enabled
“Boot Device” - Try setting manually to your boot drive/device or press F12 when booting on most computers

You don’t say:
How many video cards are installed - start with just 1 add as necessary, wait for drivers to completely insatll in windows before afterburning…if computer refuses to boot when adding a 5th or even 10th GPU it’s most likely the BIOS version

What OS are you trying to run and what is the Boot device

Can you get to the BIOS? Try only internal graphics or 1 external video card first

Good Luck

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Thank you!