I Invested $4,800 into Cryptocurrency trying to earn Passive Income W/ DeFi

I invested $4,800 into crypto trying to earn passive income with cryptocurrency, so what happened?! I am earning passive income in numerous ways and today we focus on Compound Finance profitability! Subscribe to VoskCoin - http://voskco.in/Sub

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Investing $4,800 into cryptocurrency is super risky, and this video is not financial advice I’m simply sharing my experience and earnings from investing $4,800 into crypto more specifically into decentralized finance DeFi and to be exactly precise Compound Finance on the Ethereum blockchain! Let’s review how much money I spent in ETH gas fees to move my coins around, the interest I earned while lending my DAI and USDT crypto coins out and basically if this was a great investment or I do I actually end up losing money somehow?!

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Uniswap decentralized exchange DEX DApp - http://voskco.in/uniswap
Compound Finance COMP to USD - http://voskco.in/compusd

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 I invested over $4800 in DeFi
00:39 DeFi Investments vs Traditional Investments
01:32 Compass is creating a Bitcoin mining marketplace
01:59 What is Compound Finance?
02:16 - 03:20 High Risk Investment Disclaimer
03:48 How much money did I earn from buying $1000 in COMP crypto coins
04:50 Investing over $4800 in cryptocurrency w/ Compound Finance DeFi!
09:20 Sponsor Cryptoenter and their LION token!
11:08 Ethereum transaction fees GAS FEES insane and COMP voting
14:56 How much money did I make lending coins on Compound Finance
17:27 Compound Oracle exploit - $103m lost
19:19 Is it worth it to invest in Compound Finance Ethereum DeFi?
20:50 Proposal for Compound grants to reward community contributions
21:41 Did I earn or lose money lending coins on Compound ETH DeFi

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A lot of cool defi apps out there. But until those gas fees are fixed only crypto nerds will ever use this.

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