I just finished setup of LTC+Doge miner. Hashrate falls near zero

Today I setup my Doge + LTC miner. My miner is working I know it because I can hear it blowing air. When I checked the Goldshell controls, the hashrate fluctuated normally until it suddenly fell to near zero.

I looked on Goldshell’s FAQ and there is an entry there that says:

“Why does device start to run normally… hashrate is less than that on PC?
-After the operation, Hashrate will have some delay at the pool (delays vary from pool to pool).”

So does that mean since my machine is very new, it is experiencing these low hash rates and is just temporary or do I have a defective product?

Try unplugging it, and plug it back in to see if that helps. That’s what I normally do when my hashrate drops to 0 out of no where.

I also notice that your miner is a bit cold @ 33.1 degrees for one hour, usually it should be on its 70’s degrees.

But yes, try unplugging it and plug it back in to see if that helps, otherwise contact Goldshell Tech Support to see what they can advice.

I will also contact them in regards to my goldshell dropping its hashrate every 2 days.

Best of luck!

Is there a protocol for systematic reboots, i.e. power down, insp. etc…

Have you updated to latest Firmware?

Although every 3+ days I have to harder reset and plug back in to get it going again.

I’ve never had that happen to my Mini-Doge. Perhaps it has something to do with your mining pool. I use ProHashing.com and hash rate never goes to zero. It does fluctuate between ~160-215 MH/s, but never to zero.

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Mine did that the first day i had it. I unplugged it and plugged it back in. Works perfect now.

Updated firmware to 2.1.2 and no more crashing every few days.

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Yes anytime you restart it or restart your internet it takes a few hours before it hashes at top seed.

Just updated four of my twelve miners, fingers crossed.