I LOST HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS investing in the wrong cryptocurrency

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Everyone thinks it’s easy to get rich with crypto and buying stocks, but there are tons of terrible investments you could make. I spent hundreds of dollars and if I had put that money into better cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, I could have earned thousands of dollars! Not only did my hundreds of dollars not earn thousands, or hundreds, or even tens of dollars LOL I LOST hundreds of dollars as a project that originally looked good decided to exit scam. Devaluing even their “stablecoin” which is supposed to be backed by real US dollars as well as the BNB Binance coin and token which has millions of dollars behind it. Let’s review what happened and how I made one of the worst cryptocurrency investments.

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Binance Smart Chain BSC review and tutorial

Crossfin CRP BSC scam explained - http://voskco.in/ok2V
Crossfin CRP SCAM yield farming site - http://voskco.in/crossfin
Pancakeswap the most popular BSC DApp - http://voskco.in/pancake

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0:00 I LOST hundreds of dollars investing in cryptocurrency
1:37 Binance Smart Chain as an Ethereum alternative?
2:58 PancakeSwap review
03:43 CrossFinance Exit Scam
6:33 How much money could I have made with other investments?
9:01 $CAKE token performance vs $UNI
11:02 Is it worth using the Binance Smart Chain for DeFi?
12:37 I lost my money, and is BSC better than ETH DeFi?

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How I lost HUNDREDS investing in the wrong cryptocurrencies

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as always, the transparency is good to see, in retrospect this is the gambling game we all play sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesnt. but at least you are open about the results both ways. That’s why I don’t mind watching the occasional shill :wink:


haha :man_facepalming: as always I appreciate ya :smiley:

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