I’m buying the l7 miner from this site

I’m going to buy 2 they are asking 21k for each
I talk to them multiple times seems legit but it’s hard to trust these days, they told me I can pay through crypto or bank wire to an American bank
Can someone tell me if I should trust them ?
Thanks a lot

seems ok… being a usa company it seems. in WY . with phone # … alot better being in the states.
and they do financing?.. have at it

How are you able to buy two when it looks like they only allow 5 or more

No they said 2 is fine

I’ll have to reach out to them again

do they sell asics to be shipped or is it required to be hosted by them and their associates

Says 28k on their web page

did you go through with it

did you follow through with the purchase?

Almost $29,000 for 1? :joy: #Joke

I could get (2) L7’s 9500 for $32,000 from Alibaba and have it by 11/1

Please research a little before you post. Its not a “joke” the vendor you’re looking at probably isn’t legit. You won’t get it by 11/1… they are pre order… if no productions issues have occurred from bitmain moving sites because of the recent ban on crypto in China. They will ship it out to the vendors who purchased from them between 11/1 and 11/31. Then that vendor will ship to you. Also they might list that price but doesn’t include the shipping and customs fees which will drive the price into the 40’s for 2x L7

how so? alibaba is shutting anything crypto related

i spoke to them a couple of weeks ago and I think you can find better prices somewhere else. They also wouldn’t allow me any financing. Coin mining central seems to be my best bet right now.