I made $5,200 in ONE DAY

I made $5,200 in ONE DAY with passive income with cryptocurrency thanks to Helium HNT hotspot mining. Let’s review how I made this much money and how YOU could too!
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I made over $5,200 in one day with passive income with cryptocurrency entirely thanks to this silent computer that barely uses any electricity?! That is absolutely insane, Helium hotspot mining is so refreshing compared to Bitcoin mining and Ethereum mining. Ironically Helium mining is more profitable than Bitcoin mining. Helium mining is ALSO more profitable than Ethereum mining. Helium hotspot miners are easier to set up than Bitcoin and GPU mining rigs, and the potential upside is just insane. Making this money in one day is not a typical Helium hotspot mining day of mining profitability but it clearly is a possibility thanks to Helium HNT consensus! Let’s review Helium HNT mining, the best Helium hotspot miners, and everything you need to know about Helium mining!

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00:00 I made $5,200 in ONE DAY ?!
02:30 Please be careful of VoskCoin Scammers
03:12 Join the VoskCoin discord for any Helium HNT questions
03:33 400 HNT in a single day? How is it possible?
05:22 Get $250 for free!
06:34 I basically won the Helium HNT crypto lottery!
07:50 Where to buy the Helium HNT token
08:47 How is HNT mined with these hotspot miners? Mining distribution explained
11:19 The Helium network is set to more than 10X in number!
12:06 CryptX is an all in one solution for crypto trading
12:45 How to improve your hotspot profitability
14:02 What is the best hotspot miner to buy?
14:35 Best Helium miner to buy - Bobcat miners
15:20 Discontinued miner - White Helium miners
15:51 Easiest Helium miner to buy - Nebra miners
16:41 RAK V2 Helium hotspot miner
17:17 SynchroB.it & SP North America miners
17:38 What is the best Helium miner to buy?
19:18 Group-buy update & VoskCoin Edition Helium miner
20:31 How to correctly place your Helium miners
22:25 Cost of setting up your Helium miner
23:10 Helium mining & validators (Staking Helium)
25:16 VoskCoin Helium HNT mining

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Helium HNT hotspot mining profitability in 2021

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We need a group buy for the validator.

Several websites that offer to setup and run the validator at full stake.

If we could setup a group staking fo a full validator that would be cool :sunglasses:

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Agreed. Group stake for a VoskCoin Validator


As an FYI. Nebra is sold out of HNT Miners and no longer taking orders at this time.