I need docker help for a new project

Anyone willing to explain docker to me?
There is a project about to get started and they are going to use docker but it’s not fully ready yet.

They say you can look at the github but I am not a programmer so I don’t understand github…

Difficult to explain Docker without knowing what you already understand. Here are the docs for it. https://docs.docker.com/

Think of Docker containers like virtual machines (only they are not), that you use one time, then they disappear. You have a Dockerfile that tells the container what o/s to run and everything that it needs to install to run your app, then it runs the app. When you stop the container from running, you lose everything (there are important exceptions to this rule), the next time you run the container its as-if its a completely fresh install.

Docker has something called ‘volumes’ where you can store information that you dont want to lose like configs and blockchain files so the next time you start your container it is fresh but can use previous downloaded blockchain and settings.

Running a Docker container can be as simple as the command docker run ubuntu /bin/bash. That would run the bash command inside the latest ubuntu container.

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Yeah I understand the docker part but my use of docker is only from documented steps. Spoon feed.

I am looking at Orchid via https://github.com/OrchidTechnologies/orchid/tree/master/srv-shared

I see the prerequisite Ubuntu steps, and I think I found the needed docker run command in the docker.sh file but there is no published docs yet so I don’t know what to do, where to stake or place wallet, etc so if someone is doing Orchid or knows github and can give me the steps I am missing??

I am used to Storj’s documentation that is complete.