I need guidance on buying miners

Greetings every one ,
hope every one is having a great day
for the past 6 months i’ve been researching miners and along the way i’ve seen so many scammers my head hurts!
some who claim to be Goldshell staff under the name of @GSNeverDMsYou they’re scammers thanks to a member in this site (u saved my butt)
and have been thinking about buying KD6 and have been all around the sites , that resells the miner .

i know it’s not out yet but there was a preorder that i missed saddly and i want to buy it at the release date from GOLDSHELL them selfs
but the problem is , i dont think im fast enough to land it my self so i might buy it from resellers

where should i buy ?
what sites are good?
how can i confirm scammers ?
what is the best Miner i could get ?

Are you only interested in Goldshell miners? I’m going to pick up new Antminer S19J Pro 104’s tomorrow. I can have one in the mail to you Monday morning for $11,200.

which one?


An s19 is a BTC miner. There are other coins than KDA. :slight_smile: Plus they are not ruinously as overpriced as KDA miners.

im new to mining i really don’t know what to buy
and don’t know where are the trusted sites to buy from.

Buy direct from the manufacturer

people are so fast on buying that’s the problem


Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware | BT-Miners

You’ll pay more but you will get your product in 2 weeks generally

A new S19J Pro 104 is $13,000 from BT Miners. That’s crazy high in my opinion.

Don’t buy anything until you know what you want and what you’re getting. I suggest you do more research first since you said you don’t know what to buy. Don’t get fomo…

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Well if you are aiming to kd6 your budget is high. There is no point to buy now for ridiculous price unless you are sure that kadena will hit another high after you receive your miner. Pre sale event on goldshell is finished and only randomly selected had opportunity to pre order and paid deposit.
Resellers are offering pre order for ridiculous money.
I would say investnpart of that money in coin and wait.with other money you can buy either used kd5 kd2 or new kd boxes or other goldshell miners such as LT6 or CK6.

If you are looking for insurance check www.asicminershub.com
I have bought 3 times from them now and highly recommend because:

  1. PayPal and credit cards accepted
  2. Competitive prices
  3. Excellent customer service

Just get in touch with them via contact number on their website and you will see.

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Prices are pretty high, break even will be long time…no thanks!! @Ted_Virtus

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I know, at the end of the day they are resellers. However they do pretty good discounts sometimes on their fb page.
I think there is one now where they offer £100 off the ipollo g1 mini.

Scalping prices!

I’m just pitching some general thoughts. Others around here are far more qualified to talk specific machines.
It all depends on your final goal/dream , but I would suggest using your opening investment capital to build a solid electrical and internet infrastructure. Personally I would recommend building your own GPU rig (for about $1,000) just to test mining in various forms and to use as a computer as your mining army gets built. Get an HNT miner, every miner/farm has at least 1, get one. For ASIC start by testing, get an L3++ and an S9 , I say those 2 because they are cheap. (you may not even use those 2 in the long future). Learn PSU’s, AMPerage limitations/Voltage, Learn bandwidth limitations, exploits and networking. You can study all day long, but get those 2 machines in your hands and you will be learning on the front line. Everybody is looking at KD miners and HNS/Nevros miners, those prices will likely drop substantially in 2022, depending on BTC markets, so be slow and cautious. Maybe start with the KD box ($1000) instead of the KD5 / KD6. There is so many little things that greatly effect mining overall that just can’t be taught as they change day to day. The best miner in the world, isn’t the best if its global hashrate drops 70% in 1 day, but it might be back up tomorrow. Personally I have an army of tiny miners that mine 24/7 1-coin each (Antminer R1’s & R3’s), I keep them running to chart when to put “real” miners back on the coin.
So I guess what I’m suggesting is to be realistic. Yes you can buy a bunch of S19’s and KD6’s and kick butt, but as time goes on you will lose small amounts due to lack of knowledge. Maybe these small amounts are insignificant or maybe they add up to 150K over 5 years. And of course if you’re “budget building” Vs. dropping 400K, these are 2 very different versions.
Cheers, and good luck friend. I’m sure you will enjoy this journey.

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You mentioned start with kd box $1000. I have been looking at used 1.6 kd boxes on eBay, but they want $6000 usd. Is there a place I can get them for $1000? Thanks

Youll be hard pressed to find a KD box for $1000

What is a good price for a new and used kd box?

Right now they are pretty high. I bought my new one for $1300 before people lost their minds. Now you are looking at $3700 from goldshell and over $4000 plus from other vendors.

@turp check out this site and then do some research on what coins you are interested in.