I need help configuring my cryptominer

I have a log with all the details. I’m somewhat computer savvy. OK if I could just find one set of instructions on how to update the bios on my Intel H110 pro btc motherboard and install the OS.

First question: Does SMOS need to install one top of Windows/Linux or can it o straight onto the
bios/frimware? On their site they say that SMOS is Windows/Linux/Mac supported? I don’t get it.

I google to get directions and I select the most current set of instructions. In my log I have the links to all m instructions.

Here is my log: (OMG please help 've pent $2000, I coulda just bought coin!!!

Ether and Bitcoin are bullish so I’m losin on my ROI daily…pleae help…if I’ve not done my homework or ddiligence…let me know…I’m humble and teachabl

Gonna have to bear with me but did you use a thumb drive and format it to exfat and then flash it with smos with belena etcher? A simple install won’t work as you have to flash the thumb drive. What you are basically doing is installing a patrician with a bootable thumb drive. Your google doc says I need permission to access, but here is a link SMOS INSTALL with directions that I’m sure is similar to what you were going off of, what’s probably happening is you’re getting mixed up somewhere on one of the steps. I’ve been there and done that.

thanks…please send me your BTC recieve address so I can thank you…

Not much of a fan of receiving payment for offering friendly advice and help. But if I was doing a full setup and build that’d be different

But here it is.


yes I i used a thumb drive. (A cheap one too…which is a major thing not to do when trying to gget somehting to work for the first time. It is so curious to me how instructions can vary so much (like youtube tutorials), eventhough the information is from the same date range and referring 2 the same OS, and the same configurations…i just thought of : " because there are multiple ways to do the same thing on a computer"…tr

Yea, I have ran into that many times, for works on ones computer, wont necessarily work on yours or mine