I need help new to Cryptocurrency

I really need help, I having trouble understanding gas prices, My case if anyone can help or clear this up. I have $500 with of USDT in Zelcore Wallet, I want to transfer to my metamask and I keep getting insufficient funds crap. Isn’t USDT a eth token why can’t it just deduct the amount of gas fee from that and just transfer the rest. I’m sure I’m not the only newbie asking themselves this please she’d some light.

USDT isn’t – just – an ETH-based token, it’s multi-protocol token meaning it’s on basically every vetted protocol network (ETH, BSC, AVAX, TRX, etc.)

I’m not at all familiar with zelcore, but yes in order to make a transaction you’ll need to pay fees on virtually any network (except a name few, i.e. Nano.) If your wallet allows swapping between tokens (for example: USDT → Nano) for a small fee, then that would probably be cheaper than paying the ETH TX fee for taking it off your wallet. Otherwise, wait until gwei (ETH gas) is low enough to transfer off. At the time of this writing I’d say anything below 70 gwei would be a good marker to look for. Preferably under 50.

Thank you, I was getting frustrated