I need some investing advice

I have around 7k usd to spend u would like to invest in something eg mining crypto nft I’m not sure what to or miner to get or what nft to buy

These are tough to answer because we don’t know your full financial situation. I love what someone else said on here…”If you can’t literally loose the money you are about to invest in mining I wouldn’t do it” ——If you can loose it and it’s not a big deal do you want to mine out of your house? Or are you doing a build out? Do you already have your electrical setup or do you want to just use your normal wall outlet?

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I have free power heaps of outlets and a massive shed

Go here and get the most profitable miner you can find in your budget - https://www.asicminervalue.com/

Investing is a long term game and it maybe risky. You want to invest for grow your savings so, when you put money to work in market it’s best to set it or forget it.

I’ll give my honest advice…NFTs IMO are a trend. Cryptos with SOLID projects “not doge or shib” will be great to add to a RETIREMENT portfolio. Safely 5-8% but if your in your early 20s 8-10% is a good number IF you have a well diversified portfolio in stocks, ETFs, Bonds ECT.

Did you know that if someone had 5% held in BTC in thier whole RETIREMENT portfolio had a average rate of return of 65% a year for the last 3 years.

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Spend it on KDA today… in 2022 you will double your prophit, hold it for a few years :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:.