I need to get your response regarding Bobcat miner 300

Hey Vosk. Would uou please respond my shipment status of Bobcat miner 300?
I sent you a several email but haven’t got any response yet since you promised me the shipment of Bobcat miner 300 would be shipped by June 22. Is there something wrong on my shipment? Pls let me know what’s going on.

not vosk (obviously) but ive been shipped something from him before. he takes some time but it does arrive. just give him a week

There is no way not him. I have all email communicated with him and can show everywhere as needed. However, I don’t want to hurt him because I trusted him and he looks very nice. I understand he should be busy but respond any shipping information. I can surely wait but can’t trust anymore without any communication and response.

Vosk isn’t super active on his own forums. But, I will say if your talking to someone using a gmail account, he’s stated multiple times that’s not him and it’s a scammer impersonating him. Pretty much all of his stuff has been sold via E-bay at this point, and if you bought through there you should have the option to directly message on that platform.

What email address did you use to communicate with Drew Vosk regarding this purchase?

seems like you were dealing w/ a scammer? I haven’t sold a single Bobcat miner… so… that’s impossible to be me. as I warn in nearly 100 videos now I don’t communicate using gmail (ironically I use gsuite, but from our official domains) www.voskcoin.com and www.voskcoin.io