I ordered a Goldshell CK5 from BT-Miners

I ordered it October 30.

This is the second miner in my mini-mining-farm, the first is the Goldshell KD5 that I also got from BT-Miners (still waiting on the L7, and two KD-boxes.)
I used BT-Miners because I could use a credit card (the BlockFi credit card) and get some bonus points.
I really hope this works out. I’ve been working since I was old enough to mow. If I could get enough money to survive without having to toil for other people and have more time on my hands ^!^ What, What!!! I might go fishing, or spend more time in my yard, and I would definitely end my commute. Holy morning cup of coffee!
This could be life-changing.


You’re making more money in your “mini farm” than others running like 50 l3+ and and other asics and gpu mining rigs…LOL good for you buddy nice job.

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My second ASIC is a CK5. First is a S19J Pro 100Th that comes online in 2 weeks. The CK5 I ordered from Goldshell and paid with BTC, my first crypto purchase, i screwed it up but tech support helped and now my payment is complete. I have a host Lined up I’m just waiting for the asic to arrive, I’m hoping the 1st week of December. Good luck and keep posting.

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Pls give link of this website

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Is this the link you’re asking for? This is where I bought my miners, so far. What I liked was they used a credit card, so I used my BlockFi credit card and got some bitcoin back.
One day, I’ll mine LTC into my BlockFi account just like @VoskCoin

Hi Sir,
I am ready to order an ASIC and i cant choose between Antminer D7 or the Goldshell CK5, Which one you suggest me?

I don’t know what your goals are, but I will tell you this, I ordered the Goldshell CK5 from BT-Miners.
I’ve looked at the D7, and at Dash. I believe the potential upside for Dash is not as great as the upside for Nervos Network (ckb), HOWEVER, Dash is much more established and has greater acceptance in the economy.
I’m betting on the Nervos Network growing, and gaining benefits from holding in the DAO.

I received the Goldshell CK5 CKB Miner from DHL^o^
I’ll configure it tonight and hopefully start mining