I SEE A11 on preorder for NOV O O


10th Nov,2021

New L2 30T US$1,587
New A1166pro 81T US$5,816
New A1246 85T US$6,912
New A1246 90T US$7,396
New Bolonminer B11 66T 50W US$4,897
New Bolonminer B11 68T 50W US$5,045
New S19J 90T US$9,101
New S19J 94T US$9,516
New S19 95T US$10,467
New S19J PRO 100T US$11,384
New S19J PRO 104T US$11,908
New T19 84T US$8,458
New T19 88T US$8,861

Used S9 13.5T free PSU US$381
Used S9 13.5T Bitmain APW3 US$440
Used S9I/J 14T free PSU US$421
Used S9I/J 14T Bitmain APW3 US$476
Used T2Tz 30T MOQ:50PCS US$1,349
Used T2TH 32T US$1,384
Used T17 42T US$1,437
Used A1066 50T US$2,509
Used M21S 56T US$3,629
Used M20s 68T US$4,779
Used 1246 83T US$6,218
Used S19 95T MOQ:5PCS US$9,223
Used S19PRO 110T MOQ:10PCS US$12,771
Used T2Tz 24T/25T US$763
Used T2Th 33T/37T US$38/T

Used S17PRO 53T/56T/59T 52USD/T

#Blake2B+SHA3 HNS…#
New HS5 2700G US$8,305
New HS BOX 235G US$848

#Eaglesong CKB…#
New CK Box no PSU US$803
New CK5 US$8,305

#Equihash ZEC/VDL/KMD…#
Pre-order Z15 420K November US$11,524

#Ethash ETH/ETC/ETP…#
Used A10 5g 500m US$6,921
Used A10PRO 6G 720mh US$12,457
Used A10PRO 7G 720mh US$13,495
Pre-order A11 November US$31,429

New Mini Doge no PSU US$838
Used L3+ Free PSU US$897
Used L3+ used Bitmain APW3 US$948
Refurbished L3+ US$984
Refurbished L3+ New Bitmain APW7 US$1,040

Pre-order L7 9160M November US$27,000

Sent you a text Tuesday afternoon/evening to order a L3+ Can you clarify the difference between used and refurb? And are the free PSUs any good, or should you really upgrade to a Bitmain APW? Thanks!

u did? sry lol… tons coming in .refurbished–new case new cables . same rest… and i cant tell u about free PSU. because i would never nor have i order that… I ONLY EVER get NEW APW7 ,.

Do you have anymore kd-box for preorder?

Pre-order KD Box November US$7,440
New KD5 US$69,632