I think I was just taken by a scam

Yesterday I think I was taken by a scam! I ordered a Goldshell CK5 from what I thought was Goldshell, but was actually Goldsbhellminers.com, and this morning I find a page on the real Goldshell web site that says they are a scam. Beware of the scammers, Looks like I was just taken for over $2500! Terrible way to break into the crypto world.

Man that sucks. If it makes you feel any better I was scammed by a pump and dump website when I first got into crypto and they took me for $3500. I think we all have some kind of story like that just don’t wanna admit it.

I feel for you.

I was scammed for $1k earlier this year. They are making a killing.

It’s our fault because we got hungry real fast, ignored the red flags, and jumped on a bad bet.

But, I look at it like… just need to work a little harder to pay it off. I’ll feel less guilty in a couple months.

EDIT: posting my original one here, hope it helps someone! Linzhi - One REALLY good scam - #5 by jello

Oh man…that sucks really sorry to hear about that.