I would like to share my experience with asicminershub.com

Thanks for sharing this.

It has cleared my mind, I actually purchased ipollo G1 mini from them on Friday and they shipped it yesterday providing tracking number. Should be receiving it Tuesday the latest. I will update you with further details.

Is it easy to setup ipollo G1 mini? that is my first miner.

Hey, yes it is easy to set up the miner. I mine MWC because it is more profitable or at least I’m finding this way, another fact is that GRIN wallet is very temperamental and I was having trouble transferring my coins from pool.

Now I have MWC wallet and mine from woolypooly.com which only charge 0.9% pool fees.

Here is the picture of my current setup, I just have to plug 3rd ipollo g1 mininand waiting for another goldshell box from asicminershub.com


Thanks for your reply, I will get the wallet and pool setup before receiving the miner and will update you with progress. You saved me some time.
How much you earning a day with your ipollo G1 mini’s?

sounds good

Just few weeks ago it was mining 1 coin a day (all 3 miners) but now rewards are slightly down, which is approximately 0.75 - 0.8 per day (all 3 miners) its a huge dip in rewards unfortunately, but mwc coin gone up in value a lot so no complains. The good thingnis that only uses approx 120W so not much for electricity.

Thanks for that, it was very helpful. I am receiving my miner today, super excited!
I have noticed that asicminershub.com has listed Ipollo V mini ethereum etc miner, do you know if they are any good? I would like to start mining at least ETC before big jump in difficulty.

Its always a pleasure to help Gary.

I’ve been looking at Ipollo V mini on their website and would like to buy it. Would like to find more info about the miner before buying. Asicminervalue.com doesn’t have it listed yet.

Just to let you know that I received my Ipollo G1 mini and its all set up and running! I like that cool nft print on top :sunglasses:

Have you decided if you are buying V mini ETC miner?

Nice to hear that you received it fast.

Are you mining mwc or grin?

I am planning to buy ipollo V mini from asicminershub.com but need to sort my finances.

So one out of 3 of my mini G1 started to work very loud, very annoying noise, because its in the flat I cannot bear it. So I contacted asicminershub and asked them what to do. They said the warranty is still on contacted the manufacturer for me. At the end the story goes as I had to remove the shell of the miner and warranty will not be violated as per manufacturers instructions and record the video for them.
Its one of 4 fans making that loud noise and will have to change it, its just 2 screws and on connection socket so I’m happy to do it myself, they are sending me a fan now.

The miner still mines but I have to close cupboard door to make the noise disappear.

I will drop a video of inside the miner in a minute

Have a look of how it looks inside and how loud it works.

Bear in mind other 2 miners I have are working smooth and silent.

Sorry for late reply.

I’m mining MWC as GRIN wallet is too much of a hassle to me.

It does perform well, and is pretty quiet.

Oh wow, sorry to hear that you had to take it apart. Was it easy? It does look smaller now or it’s just an angle of the video?

What is this thread?

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It is just 4 screws to unscrew and the shell slides off. It is very easy, I will record how I’m changing it once I receive the fan (in 4 days).

Asicminershub has been great with support. And also offered huge discount for future purchase.

So I finally changed my loud and annoying fan. It took me 5 min literally. Here is the video how its done.

Hey, sorry I didnot reply for ages, been busy and forgot about this place, :sweat_smile:

I want to ask how is mining for you and if that fan is not making any noise anymore?

I am planing to order ipollo V Mini for ETC mining from asicminershub.com because they have reduced the price.
Maybe you’ve bought it already?

Hi Gary, you can always send me a dm as it became our chat room :grinning:

Mining is great, I’ve order few more Ipollo G1 minis from asicminershub.com as they reduced the price and still offering £100 discount with code IPOLLO100
I bought it because the MWC coin jumped to £11 high. And hell yes, this little miners is more profitable than most of goldshell boxes, not sure why it is so unpopular, but I’m happy I can get it so cheap and locally.

The fan is still operating as it should, silently.

I’ve heard that first batch of ETC Vmini miners are a bit temperamental so I decided to wait for a development of it. Instead I opting for trusted G1 minis. :slight_smile:

How’s everything for you?

Hey man, I just bought 2 ipollo G1 minis for ridiculous price! I used the code and the total amount per miner was only £579 :hugs:

They should be delivered by Wednesday as per their email. Can’t wait!