I would like to share my experience with asicminershub.com

I would like to share my experience from contacting, buying, receiving and post sale contacting with www.asicminershub.com

First time I contacted them via WhatsApp and enquired about the miners telling them my budget. It was very polite chat, the customer service is very good.

They actually advised me to buy Ipollo G1 mini and gave me a discount to fit in my budget.
I was surprised to have it within 2 days after payment. I was like wow, amazing. I live in UK and company is UK based.

Had a bit trouble seting it up so texted them back, they have guided me through the setup and job done, it was mining.

Few weeks later contacted them to ask if they could do a discount on hs box and they did a symbolic £50 discount, however I was advised that it will be shipped from China and they will declare low price on packaging so low taxes for customs.
It arrived within 11 days and I paid less than £40 for customs.

After that I’m receiving WhatsApp message saying they do exclusive current customer discount for ipollo G1 mini (£200 OFF) I’ve bought 2 right away!

I mean top service, nothing to add. Highly recommend.

Contact them directly if you need anything!

Hi Ted
Thanks for sharing your experience with Asicminershub where about are they based in UK I am in Chigwell Essex do they have a shop or only online Thank you.

Hi, they are based in London and no, they don’t have a shop i asked them. Im in London too.
But you can text them on WhatsApp, they are quick in replying.


Thats the number on their website

Thank you Ted Appreciate.

My pleasure, if you text them tell that you were referred by Ted maybe they will look after you!

Hi Ted
Its advisable to have the miners bit in the open looks like you got them under the stairs they do get hot

Hi, thanks for the tip, but its not under the stairs :grinning: I’m holding couple of pillows above so the noise is lower :grinning: however there is a large enough hole at the end of it for hot air to escape. So both sides are open ish.

Appreciate the tip

This my little setup 4 KD Boxes 2 Mini/Litecoin 2 GPU Rigs 19 Cards mining ETH/XMR/ZIL

In a outbuilding

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What time did you start you mining journey?

I have only started November last year

Same here Ted early November 21 I am looking to add couple KD 6 to mine Kadena
they are most profitable miners and the Kadena coin is nice project it will be ETHERUM killer one day. Where in London are you Ted?

I’m south east London, Catford.

Wow you have invested a lot, I wasn’t able to save up that much as I’m working alone with small kid at home, London is expensive place to live, glad to have those miners on the side at the moment to get some little extra income. Even though its not much it is still help, and I’m keeping for long at least half of mined coins for futures, staking it etc.

Nice to hear that Ted I am in Chigwell Essex ,London indeed is very expensive to live its getting more and more expensive by the day.My whatsapp 07787343139 if you ever want a chat name Manjit Singh.What do you do for living Ted? I am retired Builders Merchant was in the game since 1977-2019. Just do the mining as a hobby.

Thanks buddy, I’ll drop you a text. I’m working in one of the luxury apartments in Central London. Commuting also not cheap.
Yes mining is just a hobby. I had to switch off my goldshell boxes because they are drawing more energy than earning unfortunately.

I’m happy my ipollo G1 minis are only 100W each

Ted which Goldshell boxes you have ? use this to calculate all your costs and income.Its very useful tool lot info on it.
Coins to mine | minerstat
Make sure you change everything in to GBP when calculating its USD default

I have CK box and HS box
I dont trust asicminervalue.com because its slightly misleading, specially with the boxes which can mine more than one coin.
Why i say that because they show incorrect stats for ipollo g1 mini. I have 3 of them. It shows much lower profits on website than I actually get.

I im running them and know how many coins I get a day, I know their power usage so I convert that power to electricity cost and minus that from the coins value. At the moment it stands as -£0.10 so I’m loosing 10p a day per box. I buy coins instead for same amount so that 10p is not lost

Thank you for the info Ted what pool you mine to

I mine to woolypooly.com as they are only charging 0.9% fees.

I believe that there are other mining equipment with misleading information at asicminervalue.com

I have moved all of my miners to the storage as was advised :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:

For anyone who is planing to place their miners on wooden shelf, better dont, it heats up quickly and holds heat, better to place on metal grill. I have placed metal grill (from oven :yum:) underneath temp until I receive my metal wire shelves. Will post a picture with temp and proper shelves after :upside_down_face: