I wouldn't buy anymore HS3's if I was yall!

New beast on the block but your safe till september,HS3 currently pumpin out around $109 a day according to f2pool. But here’s why I wouldn’t purchase one from the next batch. HS3 puts out like 2000 gigs,but this new bad boy puts out like 12.5 or 14.5 th/s mining both CKB and HNS. Can’t wait to see what they charge for this…but if hs3 is pumpin 100 a day(which I know will go down,but dam,14.5th/s,whaaaattttt) I think I would wait for this one,only problem is I have problems with my c1pro,so why would the TODDMINER COMBO CH be any different? Check out todek site and you’ll see<i had to find the hashrate on another site which i can no longer find for some reason.

PS… If you already have an HS#,bravo,you done well for yourself,hope the Combo CH don’t totally kill your profits. GLA