iBeLink BM-N1MAX ordered from miners.eu

I have ordered 3 iBeLink BM-N1MAX from miners.eu
I am feeling quite concerned with this order since miners.eu are

  1. not answering their phone or emails
  2. Not giving any indication when these asic miners will be shipped.
    en.ibelink.com.hk web site indicates that iBeLink BM-N1MAX miners have been shipping since 15 April.
    I tried ringing the phone number on the en.ibelink.com.hk web site ā€¦+86 150 1114 5188 but get the response that this number does not exist.
    Should I be concerned?
    I welcome any suggestions for what I should do.
    thanks Joan
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Interested here , Iā€™m going to buy from them too